About us

Our organization is concentrated on three main areas – trainings, consulting and development of IT security software

International Cybersecurity Association is a non-government organization dedicated to solving cybersecurity related issues. Our team has numerous publications in this area and a considerable experience in seminars organization, corporate trainings and cybersecurity competitions.


To create a network of professionals, dedicated to innovative IT security solutions. Our digital world today needs new kind of experts, capable of coping with new day’s challenges.


Create a training center where innovative courses will be taught. They will consider the real IT commerce problems and solutions.
Develop software, which would assist state authorities being alerted about IT security treats arising.


Own servers, server rooms and optical connectivity.


Strongly motivated team of professionals with experience in design and implementation of IT security solutions.

Some of the seminars and trainings we’ve taken part in:

Network Pentesting Course – November, 2016
Ethical Hacking course – September, 2016
“Hacking Stories” seminar – Varna, 2016
CyberGames – Sofia, 2016
Security Management course – December, 2015
Europe Code Week Varna 2015
Security Management course – October, 2015
Website Hacking Challenge Varna – 2014

Main activities

Research and design of over 50 exploits
Organization and participation in IT security conferences
Competitions organization and CTD
Building up partnerships
Organization of trainings
Participation and organization of seminars and conferences
Consulting, cooperation and assistance

Today’s digital world needs a new experts to respond to the threats of cyber threts of tomorrow.
ICSA develops security center with an innovative IT security training program that will focus on problems and solutions in the field of cyber crimes.

NGO Name : „International Cyber Security Association“
TAX ID : 176847740
Address : “Evlogi Georgiev” #39A str., 9010 Varna, Bulgaria

Contact us :
Evlogi Georgiev #39A str., 9010 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel. : +359 52 809 800
E-mail : [email protected]

Contact UK :
23 Vine Tree Court, st. Peter’s Close, Лондон
Tel. :

Bank Account BGN :
Bank : Post Bank
IBAN : BG29BPBI 794510 6907 2501

Mitko Slavov

Forensic psychologist.

Todor Donev Ethical Hacker

Todor, is interested of the “Dark Side” of hacking for years, but remains Ethical Hacker. He enjoys the greatest pleasure in breaking out systems  (for education purpose, or just because he can).
*Nix follower!

Zhana Yordanova

My name is Zhana Yordanova and I am marketing and advertising, co-founder of Social creative label advertising agency and PR specialist of JCI Bulgaria. I am a rebel and a big fan of rock music.

Yuliyan Mitrakov

My name is Julian Mitrakov and I deal with financial and consulting activities. I’m involved in managing projects under European Union funded programs. I’m a team player. I love to explore new technologies and to travel.

Stiliyan Angelov International Relations Manager

Stiliyan is a lecturer with rich experience as Linux administrator, web programmer (PHP) and IT security consultant. He is a MSc in communication technology and a MSc in corporate business and management. He works as software company manager and is responsible for company expansion. Stiliyan is part of the Ethical Hacker project and is responsible for international relations. He is involved in developing a “Digital Privacy” training program and cyber security software too.

Dimitar Lyutskanov

My name is Dimitar Lyutskanov. I have been involved in software development for both small industrial controllers and large server systems. I have always been happy when I created small, useful tools for me and others.

International Cybersecurity Association

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