Data Breach Recovery

Data recovery, after you have been hacked, is a personal and business service.

Personal situations are very different, most common of them are:

  • hacked Facebook account
  • hacked email account
  • cell phone spy software
  • laptop hacked

Most common company problems:

  • cyber espionage
  • data stealing from employees
  • hackers attacks against your website, servers or internal network

The services is focused on collecting and analysing data related with circumstances about data breach, information about attackers and responsible persons.
In the next step we determine the scope of impact and proceed to data recovery plan. We investigate and review all devices that can be infected with spy software – cell phones, personal computers, servers etc. After that we remove all suspicious software, backdoors and malware.
We build and configure all servers and services from the scratch, when is necessary.

There is no matters is your account, mobile device or company server hacked.
Our team will help you to recover your data and control over your assets.

Data breach recovery services for Brussels, London, Oslo, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, Spain and Singapore.