DDoS Amplification

DDoS Amplification

International Cybersecurity Association

22 February at 20:00 PM

( UTC +2 ) / 6pm GMT

Webinar DDOS generation (Ddos amplification)


The topic includes the newest and most commonly used DDoS cyberattacks. Here you will learn the secrets and details of the distributed query reflection / amplification attacks.

Aim of the seminar

In the spirit of one of the world’s most prestigious hacker conferences (DEFCON), the essence and overall concept in the development and implementation of distributed DoS-type reflection attacks, or, in simple terms, the prevention of Internet access of a user, an entire computer network, or a regular website will be described.

We at the International Cyber Security Association are the creators and inventors of most of these types of attacks.

What will the seminar include?

The author will show you how are the attacks supposed to look like and how they look like in reality.

The seminar will show and explain:

  • the mechanisms of a DrDoS attack;
  • examples of attacking software;
  • how are vulnerable computers found;
  • mechanisms for execution of a DNS amplification, SSDP amplification, SNMP amplification, NTP amplification, NETBIOS amplification, mDNS amplification, Quake3 amplification, Counter-Strike amplification, CLDAP amplification;


until February 12

Education Form:Online

Lаnguage: Bulgarian

Duration: 90 min

Recording of the seminar.

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Education Form: Online

Language: Bulgarian

Duration: 90 min

Recording of the seminar.



Lecturer with considerable experience in the area of cyber security and system administration. Planner and lecturer of a number of events:

Assistant in the Bulgaria’s national cyber security and defense competition – “The Cyber Games”.

Analyst in the largest NATO training so far in the area of cyber security and defense – “Cyber Coalition”.

Author of a number attacking vectors in the area of cyber security and defense.

Author of a few scientific publications in the area of cyber security and defense.

Author of various reports and proof of concept exploits in the area of cyber security and defense.

BSc of “Telecommunication” from Nov Balagarski University, Sofia.

MSc of “Cybersecurity” from Nov Balagarski University, Sofia.

DNS amplification
SSDP amplification
SNMP amplification
NTP amplification
NETBIOS amplification
mDNS amplification
Quake3 amplification
CLDAP amplification