Web Pentesting

Ethical Hacker is a leading penetration testing company that provide web applications and website security check. Web applications are any software that run on web server (with no matter of web server type). Usually web applications are web sites, CMS such as Joomla and WordPress. Web applications are most of modern CRM and ERP systems and mobile applications backend software.

Web applications are often hackers target. They are looking for users and customers database. Web server misconfiguration with combination of website security issue make provide access to the entire company database.
Website penetration testing find a security bug or misconfiguration in the software, before cyber criminals.

Ethical Hacker have own website security management and Ethical Hacking – website training programs. Trainings are developed according to the requirements of National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Bulgaria and are recognized in European Union.

We can provide high quality of services and trainings.

Web pentesting services for Brussels, London, Oslo, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, Spain and Singapore.

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